Excel at the fundamentals. That simple mindset is rooted in the inseparable link between design and message, in knowing when the fussiness of certain details will truly add value, and not forgetting that design is a service. This point of view fuels my approach to create memorable digital experiences.

Principles to stand on

– Context leads, content follows
– Questions lead to understanding
– Relationships are the gold standard
– Beauty lies in simplicity
– Research and users drive iteration

Skills that separate

– Think critically and strategically
– Focus on big picture, yet refines details
– Lead, research, execute, and deliver
– Build collaborative relationships
– Give and receive valuable feedback

Strengths to leverage*

Empathy: senses the feelings of others
Belief: holds values that drive and motivate
Connectedness: sees a link between things
Responsibility: owns words and actions
Consistency: desires to treat people fairly

*Based on StrengthsFinder2.0 by Tom Rath