This mobile app concept helps golfers schedule affordable tee times that fit their busy lifestyles.

– Concept development
– UX, UI, and Visual Design
– User research and testing
– Prototyping
– Copywriting

As a weekend golfer, I saw a need to streamline the booking process for setting up a tee time and partnered with a local golf network, DivineBackNine, to flush out the concept. Iterations came by watching users walk through an image-based prototype and discussing their thought and expectation pattern. It was important that the written tone was friendly and helpful to contrast the often stuffy nature of calling or walking into a pro shop.

Initial visual design and sketches. The early (and continuous) challenge was to establish a clear booking path based on either a particular golf course or a specific time slot. Testing revealed that the user was more concerned with these key variables and less focused on course specifics, although they wanted that information handy for reference. I recently used Invision to build a prototype and further test my design assumptions.