The context on the following projects varies, but the work shows a strong visual voice, a passion for craftsmanship, and a desire to produce a great product.

Summarizing 15 years in 36 feet. I was honored to work with Harvest Naperville in designing a timeline that celebrated 15 years of ministry. The challenge was to unify different milestones into a visual that could be quickly understood from many viewing distances. Creating an icon wall and a separate photo section was key in simplifying the ideas into bite-size pieces.

A: a fundraising t-shirt for a family adopting four siblings from rural Ukraine, B: an announcement that celebrates family services, and C: a system of brochures to increase awareness of revenue cycle excellence.

Informing investors at a glance. Built with a subtle line scaffolding and anchored by a primary visual, these annual report pages use the basics of scale, color, proximity, and contrast to visually communicate a company’s key financial metrics. D: Sara Lee, E: ProLogis, and F: WellPoint